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We offer Distance BodyTalk™Healing, book a session from anywhere in the world.

Our current state of health is an accumulation of our whole life story and every experience has contributed to it. Release stored emotions, improve communication within the body’s cells and systems, explore your inner world and discover the root cause of discomfort and dis-ease with The BodyTalk System™.

Inner Awareness and Holistic Healing Through The BodyTalk System™

Relax Deeply and Reduce Stress-Holistic-Healing-Singapore-Medicine-Health-Practitioner-Effective-Treatments-Relax-The-Inside-Job-BodyTalk System-Single-Session Physical symptoms

What we cannot see,
often controls us

Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, insomnia? Unable to break bad habits, reactive behaviours and stuck in the same pattern despite knowing it’s not good for you?

Freud’s iceberg theory as a visual illustration of the mind has also been revisited by other psychologists. The tip of the iceberg that we can see represents the 5% of our beliefs and behaviours that are conscious. The subconscious is represented by the 95% below the surface of the ocean. In Dr Bruce Lipton’s ‘The biology of belief’, he points out how adults are acting from their subconscious mind 95% of the time.

Gain inner awareness through a Practitioner

Through Bodytalk™ Distance Healing, we release stored emotions, improve the communication within the body’s cells and systems and explore your inner world enabling you to discover the root cause of discomfort and dis-ease.This can improve your well-being and help heal physical symptoms.

BodyTalk induces the body’s own innate restorative powers. However, it does not replace the need for emergency health care, in the event of an emergency, seek the help of a medical professional or your nearest medical facility.

Relax Deeply and Reduce Stress-Holistic-Healing-Singapore-Medicine-Health-Practitioner-Effective-Treatments-Relax-The-Inside-Job-BodyTalk System-Single-Session

Book a session from anywhere in the world

Unlike Western medicine that considers only physical symptoms, The BodyTalk System™ considers body, mind and spirit, treating the BodyMind complex as a whole.

Your practitioner helps your gain inner awareness as she taps into universal consciousness and acts as a translator, taking note of your healing priorities that arises. She ends the session by energetically tapping out the formulas. It is then the client’s innate wisdom that effects the change and does the healing. 


What can I expect during a session?

You will be contacted via email once purchase has been made. A consent form will be sent to you, once signed, a date for the session will be arranged via email. As this is a Distance session, you can go about your activities even when the session is taking place.

In addition to the Bodytalk protocol, Celeste uses Mindscape which enhances her intuitive abilities, to assist you in exploring your inner world. Included after each session, is an oracle card that Celeste will pull for your guidance.

When a session is completed, you will receive via email:
* session notes and summary (Click for sample)
* oracle card guidance

Single session purchase will include 1 x 20-minute debrief on Zoom which will be scheduled after your session.

3-session package will only include 1 x 20-minute debrief on Zoom, which you can choose to schedule after your first or third session.


Celeste Chong, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Meet your BodyTalk Practitioner

Battling alcoholism for 20 years, Celeste was stuck in a vicious cycle, unable to see a way out. She likens addiction to being on a hamster wheel, feeling exhausted but unable and too afraid to stop, where the safer option is to continue running.

“I used to push away any unpleasant or uncomfortable feeling. I saw emotions as a weakness and bought into the Hustle culture. But there comes a time when whatever you use to numb yourself stops working and if you are lucky, out of sheer desperation you surrender and experience a moment of grace.”

Throughout her adult life, alcohol provided comfort, relief and security, until it didn't. Celeste was constantly unhappy, feeling stuck and numb to life. In recovery, things improved and changed drastically. However, in sobriety, anxiety surfaced.

During her search for the cause of anxiety, Celeste discovered BodyTalk and had a first peek into her inner world. Celeste is a firm believer that unprocessed trauma, emotions, and stress are huge contributors to dis-eases and discomfort. With BodyTalk, inner work, meditation and sound healing, she navigates her journey home.

Through her experience she helps others journey home by enabling them to slow down, sink into their hearts, turn their attention inwards, and discover self. Because Happiness is an inside job.

Celeste has also completed the following courses:

• Integrative Vibrational Therapy Level 1 (Himalayan Singing Bowls and Gong Foundations)
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
Munay Ki Rites Initiation

Shamanic Extraction Healing
The Way of the Shaman: Shamanic Journeying, Power, and Healing
Yin Yoga 50HR