Happiness is an Inside Job

Creating soulful experiences for you to slow down and sink into your heart.

Embrace the concept of simply Be-ing.

Rest, relaxation, reflection and play are essential to a healthy and happy life.

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Relax Deeply and Reduce Stress

We design experiences to help you slow down, deeply relax and reduce stress. When you are able to deeply relax, your parasympathetic system – the ‘rest & digest’ mode can be activated. Staying in this mode is crucial for your body to repair, recover and be healthy. This will in turn improve your immune system, which is ever more important today.

Due to current restrictions, both upcoming events have been postponed. In the meantime, we offer online programs that can support you during this stressful period.

Rise & Thrive


This 5-week online program comprises of guided meditation and sound bath sessions, practical tips and practices that are designed for the busy working professionals who rise and grind, sleep and repeat.

You are constantly on the go, one goal to the next. Work almost never stops and you may be feeling exhausted and constantly stressed. You have heard of meditation but do not know where to start or have “no time”. You find it hard to slow down and relax, it may even feel like you are being lazy and unproductive. I was you.

Postponed Events


Connect with self and other liked minded souls. This holistic retreat for body, mind, heart, spirit includes a balance of yin and yang activities.


One-of-a-kind heart awakening and soul nourishing experience held in a lush nursery with Guest Facilitator, Kevin (Pyramids of Chi, Ubud).

What is a Sound Bath?

It is a relaxation and stress reduction technique where participants 'bathe' in the sound waves produced by instruments like gongs, singing bowls, chimes, drums and the human voice.

Using a combination of rhythms and frequencies, sound tools entrain the brain to move into the deeper brain wave frequencies, and can shift our normal waking Beta state to:

Alpha: Creative, Relaxed state
Theta: Meditative state
Delta: Deep sleep, where storing and healing occurs

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Why is relaxation important?

By Celeste Chong | May 7, 2020

Stress weakens the immune system When fearful, worried and stress, the body operates in “Fight or Flight” mode … Read more

What happens to unprocessed emotions?

By Celeste Chong | December 27, 2019

When an emotion is not processed and released, it becomes an active stored emotion, stored in the connective tissues or other body parts. Over time, there is a high chance that it shows up as a physical symptom.

What is the root cause of Anxiety, Depression & Dis-ease?

By Celeste Chong | December 21, 2019

The root cause of most physical symptoms trace back to unprocessed emotions from life experiences stored in our bodies and subconscious, and from belief systems we built growing up.

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