My Story

Celeste Chong
Founder of The Inside Job

Warrior of the Heart – Daughter of the Earth – Priestess of Play!
I create soulful experiences for calm and connection.
Through music, play and sound, I help you escape the chatter of your mind and reconnect to Self.

My story

All through adulthood, alcohol was that constant companion that got me through life. I drank and I got sh*t done. I knew nothing about emotions, except I was terrified of them and I did everything to avoid them. Alcohol was the perfect ally, it helped to numb all discomfort, until I pretty much stopped feeling anything. I believed I was being mentally strong; I threw myself into the hustle and grind. And I was proud of myself for building my career around my life companion - alcohol! In my mid-20s, I cofounded The Butter Factory, one of Singapore’s top nightclub. As you can see, Play has always been in my DNA.

The Butter Factory was the perfect escape. The music, bass, atmosphere, it helped me to disconnect. And I was DISCONNECTED. I was disconnected from myself, my body, my feelings and others. I was a zombie in life, going through the motion. Other than work and drinking, I had no curiosity and little interest in anything else. My world was incredibly small. I was extremely uncomfortable in my own skin, and always needed a few drinks before I could do anything. I carried a huge amount of guilt and shame and had a constant stream of negative self-talk. I blamed myself for a lack of self-control and always wondered why I couldn’t just be normal.

In early 2017, out of nowhere, my companion turned on me. The alcohol that provided relief stopped working. Out of sheer desperation, I surrendered and experienced a moment of grace.

Today, I am grateful for my alcoholic experience and my past no longer defines me. I have accepted, forgiven myself and made peace with it. My journey of recovery and self-discovery has been filled with lots of tears (of sadness, grief, frustration, love, connection and awe), lots of anxiety, lessons, patience, a whole lot of courage and trust.

Through taking contrary action and pushing myself out of my comfort zone, a day at a time and learning to spend time with my feelings and hold space for my emotions, the heart that I kept locked up in a steel cage and built thick walls around… slowly started to open.

I try to keep my heart as soft and open as I can every day. It is a lifelong journey and work in progress.

My heart awakening has been the scariest and most beautiful experience. It has been a homecoming. I began to connect with others and most importantly, reconnected with Self. I feel deeply (hence both scary and beautiful), with a knowing that we are all connected.

In the past, I used music, sound and play as an escape from reality and to disconnect. Today, through music, sound and play, I create experiences to help others escape the chatter of their mind, connect with Self and come home to their hearts.

I’m not sure who said this originally, but the longest journey in life one takes is from the head to the heart. And gosh, is that true! It is also the most worthwhile and meaningful journey. As Ram Dass said, “we’re all just walking each other home”.

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