My Story

Celeste Chong
Founder of The Inside Job

Activator - Soul Aligner - Cosmic Bridge 

My story

With a background in Marketing, Branding and Events, Celeste loves creating unique experiences. Her skillful project management and knack for strategic partnerships contributed to her key role in building 2 successful lifestyle brands ‘The Butter Factory’ and ‘The Great Room’ from scratch, that expanded outside of Singapore.

In 2017, she hit rock bottom after a 20+ year battle with alcoholism. Her history of alcoholism, anxiety, depression and subsequent journey towards recovery and self discovery led to her spiritual awakening in 2019. Since then, she has been on a roller coaster ride home to her Heart.

Through her own lived experience, deep heart healing and unlearning, she now guides others on a journey home to their hearts through group and 1:1 ceremony. Her mission is to help others heal their hearts, remember the essence of who they truly are, awaken to their magic within and align to their soul purpose.

With her expertise and passion in brand marketing, she looks forward to working with businesses and brands who are feeling the call towards Heart-led leadership and purpose driven offerings.

Learn more about her story and journey to date here

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