Cacao Ceremony

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What is a Cacao Ceremony?

A Cacao ceremony is a Heart opening experience, we gather in sacred circle coming into a deeper, more intimate connection with Self and Others. You will be guided out of the busy chatter of the mind into your heart through a combination of sound, movement, music, guided meditation, visualisations, inner exploration, journaling and/or energy healing. Ceremonies close with a sharing circle, everyone is encouraged to listen with and share from their hearts.

Cacao has a rich history in ancient Mesoamerican civilizations. Known as “Food of the gods”, Cacao is a gentle heart opening medicine. You may feel the nurturing energy of Mama Cacao like a warm hug. Wrapping each cell in your body with love, so you too vibrate at the frequency of LOVE.

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What are the benefits of a Cacao Ceremony?

In a Cacao Ceremony you will be guided out of your head into your heart. The purpose of a Cacao Ceremony is to lead us towards an open-hearted state. When we only stay in the noisy chatter of the mind, we are disconnected from our authentic Self. This can lead to stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and dis-ease. If we allow ourselves to slow down and sink into our hearts, we begin to open our hearts.

When we are in the open-hearted state, we are calm, curious, connected, compassionate, confident, courageous and clear. This are the 7 Cs as described by Richard Schwartz, founder of the Internal Family Systems Model.

Experience a Cacao Ceremony

Vital Minerals from Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Ceremonial Cacao is an energetic standard, speaking to how the Cacao is handled is handled from seed to drink (with love, respect, and intention). The cacao is minimally processed, hence retaining its nutrients.

Cacao is a superfood and contains many vital minerals that are especially good for heart health. Cacao is also a good dietary source of magnesium, also known as the relaxer mineral which eases tension. It contains theobromine which is a mild stimulant that can boost your mood, leaving you feeling warm and uplifted. It also boosts your body’s natural production of feel-good hormones.

The experience will leave you calm and uplifted, with a sense of connection to Self and others. It allows you to tune into your intuition and gain more self-awareness.

"In an open hearted state – the state of your authentic self – we have a deep and grounded sense of peace and an ever-growing confidence that we can handle what life gives us. We feel at home.”

Hilary Jacobs Hendel, ‘It’s Not Always Depression’

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With a background in Marketing, Branding and Events, Celeste loves creating unique experiences.

Her history of Alcoholism, Anxiety and subsequent journey towards recovery and self-discovery led to her spiritual awakening in 2019. Since then, she has been on a roller coaster ride home to her Heart. In March 2022, she followed her heart's calling to South Africa, without a plan, dancing (at times kicking and screaming) to the rhythm of life.

Her Gene Keys Life Work is 39.6 - Teacher of Liberation. Through her own lived experience and unlearning, she now guides others on a journey home to their hearts by creating a relational container which is sacred and safe.

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