Cacao Ceremony

Enter the jungle of your heart

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Calm your Mind, Warm your Heart

This is a 2-hour heart opening experience where we connect, play, reflect and relax. You will be guided out of your busy thinking mind into your heart through sound, movement, exercises to foster connection and a heart awakening relaxation sound bath.

Cacao has a rich history in ancient Mesoamerican civilizations. Considered to be sacred, it was used in rituals, ceremonies and even as currency.

In 2010, a global community emerged using Cacao in new ways in ceremonies. Cacao Ceremonies started to gain popularity as spaces to gather to come into deeper connection with others and Self. A Cacao Ceremony is not religious, and the format varies depending on the facilitator.

This unique experience can be enjoyed alone, with a partner or with friends. It is also ideal for community and corporate team building.

What others are saying

Our participants come from all walks of life from business owners, entrepreneurs, working professionals to life coaches and teachers. We have received warm feedback from both women and men alike.

Better than a summer blockbuster! It was heart and mind opening! A powerful experience that engages all senses.” – Daniel L

The experience allowed me to reconnect with myself, others and universal oneness through the myriad of activities. It’s a worthwhile and memorable experience.” – Robin

You’ll thank yourself big time for it! The vulnerable space and facilitation by Celeste is a testament that the heart knows no fear and is always ready to receive and give.” – Jasmine P

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Celeste Chong
Founder, The Inside Job
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Gong Practitioner

Meet your facilitator

Celeste learnt how to facilitate a Cacao Ceremony from her teacher Joseph White Owl, who is one of the Indigenous Peoples of North America. He has combined aspects of his Nations culture and other learnings within the Cacao Ceremony. They met in Bali where he has been living for the last 3 years, facilitating hundreds of Sacred Cacao Ceremonies at the Pyramids of Chi in Ubud. The Cacao Ceremony that she facilitates has been co-created under Joseph’s guidance.

Read her story here.

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Cacao Ceremony

Join us for a heart opening experience, where we connect, play, reflect and relax through movement, sound, exercises to foster connection and a heart awakening relaxation sound bath. Leave with calm minds and warm hearts.

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