New Earth Offerings

Experiences to activate and anchor new earth frequencies for soul alignment

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05 Jun 2023 - 14 Jun 2023

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Online Cacao Ceremony

An invitation to gather in sacred circle online to remember your connection to all of life and connect deeply with Self and likeminded souls at this time of Solstice. Honour, celebrate your unique journey and the cycles of life. 

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New Earth Temple Codes Online Workshop

Anchor and Activate New Earth Frequencies. Align to your Highest Timeline. An invitation to step fully into the way of the Heart.

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Transmissions for heart Healing

Welcome to The Rose Gardern, an inner sanctuary within your heart, to meet all parts of Self without defence. A space to meet yourself with tenderness, to be held and healed. Visit our Instagram page for short guided meditations and light language transmissions to help raise your frequency and return to inner harmony.

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Cacao Ceremony in Ascension Cave

By Celeste Chong | October 5, 2022

I facliated a Cacao Ceremony in the Ascension Cave in South Africa. What an experience!

More about Cacao

By Celeste Chong | March 13, 2021

Curious to find our more about Cacao? Here are the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

My first Cacao Ceremony

By Celeste Chong | March 7, 2021

I attended my first Cacao Ceremony in Bali and it was a heart opening experience. My anxiety subsided and I felt a warmth in my heart.