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Battling alcoholism for 20 years, Celeste was stuck in a vicious cycle, unable to see a way out. She likens addiction to being on a hamster wheel, feeling exhausted but unable and too afraid to stop; where the safer option is to continue running.
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My first visit to the Ascension Cave 
In my first week in South Africa, I visited the Ascension cave with Sacred Sites researcher, Dean Liprini.

Tunnel Cave known by many as the ‘Cave of Ascension’ is believed to be a ritual cave of rebirth and fertility, mimicking the sacred birth canal of mother earth in the form of a great birthing canal 50ft long 27 ft wide, formed in quartzitic sandstone. Here an honoring of the union between father sun and mother earth, occurs at the time of the Summer Solstice when the two are in perfect alignment.

Located in the lower heart chakra energy center of the Cape Peninsula, it is one of the Cape’s most scared caves and is frequently visited. The moment I stepped in, I immediately thought to myself, I would LOVE to be able to faciliate a Cacao Ceremony here.

5 Months Later!

When I first arrived in South Africa, I did not know that I would be faciliating a retreat. But somehow things lined up and fell into place. In September, 3 beautiful souls journeyed from Singapore to join me in Cape Town for a transformational retreat. On day 3 of our retreat we visited the Ascension Cave for a Cacao Ceremony.

Taking a moment to introduce ourselves and pay respects
Our altar in the cave, with the 4 elements
Post Ceremony glow, an unexpected group brought together from 2 different parts of the world, sharing a heart opening moment together in such a special place.

What an experience! Even the birds joined in, chirping at the right moments as I guided everyone in a meditation into their hearts.

Out of your head, into your heart

When you allow your heart to lead the way, you are often led down a road less travelled. It comes with challenges but at the same time, it brings the most precious experiences that fill you with awe and wonder.

Since attending my very first Cacao Ceremony in Bali in 2019, riddled with anxiety, self conscious about movement and unable to use my voice. For someone with a huge fear of public speaking, never would I have ever expected to be facilitating ceremonies.

So much magic happens in ceremony, even if you may not be consciously aware of it. As we drop into our heartspace, we begin to remember and hear the song that sings us home.

I look forward to sharing the magic and connection in Ceremony with you. Please join me for any of my upcoming Cacao ceremonies. You can learn more about cacao here.

Want to experience a Cacao Ceremony in the Ascension Cave?

I am hosting another retreat in March/April 2023 to Cape Town South Africa, if this is something that may interest you, drop me a message at [email protected]

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