Soulful Experiences

To calm your mind and warm your heart

Sound Bath

A moment of calm, ideal for beginners looking to experience a meditative state.

Cacao Ceremony

A heart opening workshop, ideal for self care and meaningful connection.

Private Session

Host a private experience for team building or a celebration with friends.

Sound Bath

Our relaxation sound baths ease you into a state of calm.

BodyTalk™ Healing

Release stored emotions and explore your inner world

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Our addiction to distraction

By Celeste Chong | December 9, 2020

When we are not distracted, we slow down and become still. When we are alone in this stillness, discomfort arises.

Changing our views on trauma

By Celeste Chong | November 23, 2020

Despite enjoying a normal childhood, are you stuck in unhealthy patterns or relationships, experiencing anxiety, depression or some form of addiction?

Having bouts of anxiety or depression but don’t know why?

By Celeste Chong | August 14, 2020

The way we react and behave is a result of past experiences which we may not be aware of but have stayed in our subconscious.