Soulful Experiences

To calm your mind and warm your heart

Sound Bath

A moment of calm, ideal for beginners looking to experience a meditative state.

Cacao Ceremony

A heart opening workshop, ideal for self care and meaningful connection.

Private Session

Host a private experience for team building or a celebration with friends.

Sound Bath

Our relaxation sound baths ease you into a state of calm.

BodyTalk™ Healing

Release stored emotions and explore your inner world

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More about Cacao

By Celeste Chong | March 13, 2021

Curious to find our more about Cacao? Here are the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

My first Cacao Ceremony

By Celeste Chong | March 7, 2021

I attended my first Cacao Ceremony in Bali and it was a heart opening experience. My anxiety subsided and I felt a warmth in my heart.

Our addiction to distraction

By Celeste Chong | December 9, 2020

When we are not distracted, we slow down and become still. When we are alone in this stillness, discomfort arises.