Rise & Thrive

The busy professional’s practical toolkit for relaxation and resilience.

You are constantly on the go, one goal to the next. Work almost never stops and you may be feeling exhausted and constantly stressed. You have heard of meditation but do not know where to start or have “no time”. You find it hard to slow down and relax, it may even feel like you are being lazy and unproductive.

I was you.

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Rise & Thrive

This online program comprises of guided meditation and sound bath sessions, practical tips and practices that are designed for the busy working professionals who rise and grind, sleep and repeat .


A 22 minute gratitude guided meditation and sound bath to help you relax and reduce stress.

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Rise & Thrive

An easy to follow 5-week program for relaxation and resilience:
• 5 guided meditation and sound baths
• 1 guided morning meditation
• 1 guided evening contemplation
• practical tips and practices


Rise & Thrive + Insight

An easy to follow 5-week program for relaxation and resilience:
• 5 guided meditation and sound baths
• 1 guided morning meditation
• 1 guided evening contemplation
• practical tips and practices + 2 BodyTalk distance healing sessions with 15 minutes Zoom debrief after session


5 Week Program Outline

Each guided meditation and sound bath session will allow you to relax deeply and reap the benefits of a meditative state. This will leave you with a clearer mind and sense of calm, which enhances your productivity. The BodyTalk Distance Healing sessions will support your wellbeing, it is especially helpful during this stressful period. BodyTalk sessions help to release stored emotions and stress and may shed some light on your inner landscape.

Week 1


• Week 1 video: Attitude of gratitude
• 1 Guided meditation and sound bath
• Daily 7 minute morning meditation

Week 2


• Week 2 video: The importance of reflection
• Daily 7 minute evening contemplation

Those who purchase +Insight will receive
their 1st BodyTalk distance healing session & 15 minute debrief

Week 3

Acceptance & Surrender

• Week 3 video: Accepting life on life’s terms and surrender is not giving up
• 2 Guided meditation and sound baths

Week 4


• Week 4 video: Freedom of forgiveness
• 1 Guided meditation and sound bath

Week 5

Heart Awakening

• Week 5 video: The three brains
• 1 Guided meditation and sound bath

Those who purchase +Insight will receive their 2nd BodyTalk distance healing session & 15 minute debrief

What is BodyTalk?

The BodyTalk System™ is a Consciousness-based Healthcare System where practitioners work from the understanding of the downward causation of conditions and dis-eases from Consciousness. Unlike Western medicine that considers only physical symptoms, The Bodytalk System™ considers body, mind and spirit.

Every experience we have had has brought us to our current state of health. Our current state of health is an accumulation of our whole life story. Bodytalk can help us uncover something that could be buried deeper in your subconscious. Read more about BodyTalk here.

BodyTalk induces the body’s own innate restorative powers. However, it does not replace the need for emergency health care, in the event of an emergency, seek the help of a medical professional or your nearest medical facility.

What is a Sound Bath?

A sound bath is a relaxation and stress reduction technique where participants 'bathe' in the sound waves produced by instruments like gongs, singing bowls, chimes and drums.

Through a combination of rhythms and frequencies, sound tools can enable the brain to move into the deeper brain wave frequencies, and can shift our normal waking Beta state to the alpha (creative, relaxed state which encourage the healthy functioning of the parasympathetic nervous system - the rest and digest mode), Theta (Meditative state) and Delta (Deep sleep, where healing and self regeneration occurs).

You can login and access the sessions immediately after payment. A BodyTalk consent form will be sent to you. Upon receiving your signed form, you will be contacted over email for arrangements to be made for your Distance Healing sessions.

Meet your Practitioner


Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Gong Practitioner

“I used to push away any unpleasant or uncomfortable feeling. I saw emotions as a weakness and bought into the Hustle culture. But there comes a time when whatever you use to numb yourself stops working and if you are lucky, out of sheer desperation you surrender and experience a moment of grace.”

Celeste’s journey into recovery and self- discovery has led her to use her gift for creating unique experiences in a new field. Always drawn to music and sound, she now incorporates music and sound into the soulful experiences she creates.

Celeste is a firm believer that unprocessed trauma, emotions and stress are huge contributors to dis-eases and increasing rates of anxiety and depression. With BodyTalk, inner work, meditation, and sound healing, she navigates her journey home.

Through her experience she helps others journey home by enabling them to slow down, sink into their hearts, turn their attention inwards, and discover self. Because Happiness is an inside job.

“We're all just walking each other home.” Ram Dass

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