Happy Hour

Destress without the hangover

Cacao Ceremony Singapore Body-Talk-Singapore-Holistic-Healing-Singapore- sound bath-heart4

What is Happy Hour?

Happy Hour is a blend of yang (dance) and yin (sound bath). Connect to your body through dance, let go and freely express yourself through movement. Dance like everyone’s watching but you just don’t care! Then lie down for a relaxation sound bath.

Psst… we will be dancing to a mixtape created by DJ Tang, who has held residencies at The Butter Factory, Marquee and Ministry of Sound.

Ideal for releasing stress, take away all the happy without the hangover!

Cacao Ceremony Singapore Body-Talk-Singapore-Holistic-Healing-Singapore- sound bath-heart4

Growth Happens through Discomfort

Like to dance? CHECK

Comfortable dancing with others around (without alcohol)? CHECK

Uncomfortable with dancing sober but willing to step into your discomfort and observe it with curiosity? CHECK

Join us as we redefine Happy Hour!

Virtual Sound Baths

Enjoy our relaxation sound baths now on Insight Timer, the #1 free app for sleep, anxiety and stress. Or purchase the track(s) you like for easy access. Our virtual sound baths are best enjoyed lying down, eyes closed with earphones or headphones. Turn up the calm with an eye mask, essential oils and a comfy blanket.


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