Virtual Sound Bath

Our gentle relaxation sound baths will ease you into a state of calm, all in the comfort of your own home.

Virtual Relaxation Sound Baths

Best enjoyed with earphones or headphones, lying down with eyes closed. Turn up the calm with: Essential oils, Eye Mask and Blanket.


Our 25-minute Relaxation Sound Baths will ease you into deep relaxation through music, guided meditation and the sound of the gong. There are 5 different themes with the message of Gratitude, Acceptance, Surrender, Forgiveness and Heart Awakening.

Our 7-minute audios are an ideal way to begin and end your day. It helps you introduce a daily gratitude and reflection practice into your routine.

They are also available on Insight Timer, the #1 free app for sleep, anxiety and stress.


Benefits of practicing Gratitude includes an improvement in physical and psychological health, it enhances empathy, reduces aggression, increases mental strength and builds resilience. Grateful people sleep better!


A daily Reflection practice will increase self-awareness, a key component of emotional intelligence (EQ). It transforms our experience into meaningful learning and helps to reduce procrastination.


Ideal for stress and anxiety. Acceptance helps you to embrace your emotions.


Ideal for stress and anxiety. The message of surrender helps you relax into the struggle.


Ideal for releasing anger and resentment. Holding on to resentment is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies. When you forgive someone, it is not about whether the person is deserving of your forgiveness. It is because YOU deserve peace.

Heart Awakening

Ideal anytime. Society has placed all responsibility on the head brain when we have three brains. There are neural networks in our heart and gut. When our three brains are working harmoniously, we build resilience.

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