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November 1
November 15

Soul Kit by Kevin Westrich

Soul Kit will equip you with essential life skills for better emotional mental well-being and healthy relationships with others and with self. Soul Kit will be available as an online program coming soon in November.

These are lessons we should have learnt growing up, but likely didn’t.

Do any of these lines sound familiar?

“I can be quick to react and can’t control my emotions when triggered.”

“I don’t feel good, but can’t describe how I’m feeling and don’t know why I feel this way.”

“I agree to activities I don’t enjoy, so I don’t upset my friends.”

A: “You never listen to me! I…”
B: “What nonsense! I give you so much attention and you know how much effort I put into our relationship.”

“I find myself saying ‘Yes’ even if I know I can’t keep my word.”

“I find it hard to ask for attention and support as it makes me feel needy.”

# 1: Emotions
How to identify, feel and navigate our emotions.
# 2: Listening
How to really listen, without the need to fix or respond.
# 3: Boundaries
The concept of boundaries and healthy boundaries.
# 4: Self Love
Know our boundaries and needs. Have self compassion/forgiveness.
# 5: Communication
How to express our needs and how to set healthy boundaries.
# 6: Intuition
What is intuition and how do we listen to our intuition.
#7: Grief and Overwhelm 
Understanding loss and grief, and how to get through one of life’s toughest challenges

What will I get out of Soul Kit?

  • Emotional Awareness
  • Mental Well-being
  • Better relationship with self
  • Improve relationship with others
  • Ability to move from unconscious reaction to conscious response