Create a unique experience to foster meaningful connection

Looking for new ways to connect? A Cacao Ceremony is an ideal way to celebrate a special occasion or simply to create a meaningful experience with friends and loved ones. It is also an unique experience, perfect for team building and bonding.

Relaxed Minds. Warm Hearts. Meaningful Connection.

Cacao Ceremony:
A Ceremony of the Heart

This is a 2-hour experience like no other! It is not a religious ceremony. You are simply in a safe space for you to relax and connect in a meaningful way to others and self.

This experience includes movement, sound, connection exercises and a relaxing heart awakening guided meditation and sound bath designed to take us from the busy thinking state of the mind into the feeling state of the heart.

Enter the jungle of your heart

Cacao has a rich history in ancient Mesoamerican civilizations. Known as 'Food of the gods', cacao is considered to be sacred and was used in rituals, ceremonies and even as currency. Around 2010, a global community emerged using Cacao in new ways in ceremonies. Cacao ceremonies started to gain popularity as spaces to gather to come into more intimate connection with others and self. Cacao's active ingredients relaxes the nervous system, relaxing our thinking minds. We serve ceremonial grade cacao from family organic farms in Southern Belize.

Host your own private Cacao Ceremony at home or in your office

This 2-hour experience will begin with Sage smudging of participants. The experience includes intention setting, sound, movement, exercises to foster connection and a relaxing heart awakening guided meditation sound bath.

Host your own private Cacao Ceremony at Como Shambhala

If you prefer the comforts of a Studio, host your own private Ceremony at COMO Shambhala for up to 10 guests at $1200. The rate includes a meal worth $20 each redeemable at glow (located at Super Nature) after Ceremony.

Want to experience a Cacao Ceremony for yourself before hosting your own?
Join us in one of our upcoming Cacao Ceremonies held at COMO Shambhala.

What others are saying

Our participants come from all walks of life from business owners, entrepreneurs, working professionals to life coaches and teachers. We have received warm feedback from both women and men alike.

"Better than a summer blockbuster! It was heart and mind opening! A powerful experience that engages all senses.” - Daniel L

"The experience allowed me to reconnect with myself, others and universal oneness through the myriad of activities. It's a worthwhile and memorable experience." - Robin

"You'll thank yourself big time for it! The vulnerable space and facilitation by Celeste is a testament that the heart knows no fear and is always ready to receive and give." - Jasmine P

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Celeste Chong, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Meet your Facilitator

Celeste learnt how to facilitate a cacao ceremony from her teacher Joseph White Owl, who is one of the Indigenous Peoples of North America. He has combined aspects of his Nations culture and other learnings within the cacao ceremony. They met in Bali where he has been living for the last 3 years, facilitating hundreds of Sacred cacao ceremonies at the Pyramids of Chi in Ubud. The cacao ceremony that she facilitates has been co-created under Joseph's guidance.